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John E Byfield MD, PhD is a 72 year old oncologist with  MD and  PhD degrees from UCLA.  A former Full Professor of Radiology and Medicine at UCSD he has over 40 years of experience in medicine, medical research and health care reform.  Throughout this time, John has been a strong and prescient voice in the battle to eliminate the inequities our system inflicts.  A father of 4, John lives in Bakersfield, California.

He has experience working in University hospitals, Veteran Administration facilities ,  Los Angeles, San Diego, and Kern County Hospitals and in Private Practice where he was Medical Director of a private cancer radiation treatment center for 21 years. During these years he treated 10,000 cancer patients - rich and poor.  No patient was ever turned away for lack of insurance; no collection agency was ever involved with his clinic. He was never involved in any court case as a malpractice defendant nor was there ever any malpractice settlement.

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